Rambling River’s Song – Original 20×16 Oil on Canvas (Stretcher Frame)


20″ x 16″

Oil painting of stone arch in Blair ON – Winter



About five minutes from our home, one can catch a glimpse of beautiful yesteryear and listen to some river song!

Built somewhere around the turn of the 20th century, the stone masonry arch, now abandoned, represents a rare type of arch construction in Ontario.

Located over Bowman Creek, it is just 25m west of the intersection of Blair Road and Fountain Street in the City of Cambridge. As soon as you exit the roundabout from Fountain Street onto Blair Road… look to the right… or you will miss this gem!

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On Winter’s Doorstep
 Georgia B. Adams

I stood on winter’s doorstep, ‘twas just the other day;
I felt her frosty fingers, and skies above were grey.
Just then the tiny snowflakes, such dainty, fragile things,
Came slowly drifting earthward, borne there on icy wings.
I caught one of those snow-gems; you really must be quick!
To hold it without melting is quite a clever trick!
I could not help admire its symmetrical design,
So perfect in proportion, in lacework, oh, so fine.
Lost in wonder, there I stood, held by its magic spell.
O who can make a snowflake, I wonder, can you tell?
Yes, God is the Creator.  I bowed my head to pray,
Standing on winter’s doorstep—‘twas just the other day.

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