Artist, Eleanor Joy McDonald.

Eleanor’s love of nature, inspired by her mother during her formative years on the farm, is evident in her paintings. As a young mother herself, Eleanor pursued her artistic endeavours with formal instruction in London, Kitchener, and Buckhorn. Her working career involved business administration and court reporting.

After Eleanor and her husband served on Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands, for 11 years with TWR, she created, “Colour the ABCs” depicting the island’s coral reefs and scuba diving, animals, birds, trees and people. 

She later authored Little Dutch Isle which is available on Amazon.  

A children’s book, Mrs. Twigadoon, is also available on Amazon in paperback, e-book and audio in both English and French.

Being a painter of whatever is lovely, it is no surprise that Eleanor concurs with Art Critic Father Anthony Brankin’s incisive conclusion regarding abstract art:

“The subliminal message in every confused and misshapen piece of modern architecture, art, music, or drama is that there is no God.”

Check out her husband’s website – – for uplifting material.

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