Paul and Joanne, Elmira ON

Woodland Wildflowers Triptych

         We thoroughly enjoy our Woodland Wildflowers Triptych, especially since we know the artist!  Eleanor McDonald is a gracious and gifted painter who delights to bring alive the wonders of God’s creation that she sees all around her.  We picked up the paintings from Eleanor herself, carefully wrapped and boxed by her husband Lloyd.  The Woodland Wildflowers now hang in our bedroom, ready for us to savour daily.  Thank-you Eleanor!

Christine, Ogden, Utah, USA
Diesel and Shorty
          Your beautiful picture will speak volumes to everybody who sees it. The painting is absolutely breathtaking. Me and Dave just cannot believe how beautiful it is. It just looks exquisite in that beautiful room. Really, Eleanor, we just couldn’t be happier. You have just done an amazing job on this painting. 

          Well, again, Eleanor, I could not have found anybody who could have possibly done a more magnificent job than you did for me. I feel like I spent my father’s money very wisely on this treasured painting that I know will be in my family for generations to come.

Karen, Delaware USA  Re original of Monopoly
          There is nothing I treasure more than your spectacular work! Your paintings are the most special things I have and will ever own! 

          The Big Belgian is beautiful beyond words! I cried at the sight of him when I got the box open – and I still have a lump in my throat. I am so lucky to be able to live with this handsome guy – and I am so blessed to have found you and your artwork. Gosh! I just don’t know how to describe how much I love this painting, and how grateful I am to you.

Diane, Ontario 
          Re Woodland Wildflowers Triptych:  It is a marvellous piece, and the framer praised me for investing in such quality work.  I look forward to future paintings.  You have a remarkable way of capturing the experience of peace.

Loraine,  Ontario
          Re Indian Harbour: We presented our outgoing president with your painting on April 7th.  He thought it was wonderful, and said he appreciates your talent.

Hazel, Alberta
          Re Woodland Wildflowers Triptych:  I just burst into tears when I saw it.  Oh Eleanor, it is so beautiful, and I don’t feel I deserve such an exquisite work of art in my house.

Carla, Ontario
          The art was so beautiful and peaceful!  Thank you so much for using your talent to bring such a relaxing moment to one of the many people there.

Gloria, Ontario
          Wow!  Today I opened up your art.  Wow!

Karen, Delaware USA
          Re original of Secretariat:  Even though I had the print, I was not prepared for the actual painting – it took our breath away and still is.  It makes you feel like the horse is in the room with you, like you could reach out and touch that soft nuzzle, grab hold of the shining bridle, and pet that beautiful, wispy mane.  The eyes – oh my gosh – those eyes!  They are absolutely real.  They look right at you with depth and passion.  I can never express our gratitude to you.  This painting will bring us more happiness than I can describe.  It will be a gift every day forever!

Catherine,  Ontario
          Re Dall of the Yukon:  I fell in love with it the minute I first saw it!  There’s something sweet and yet at the same time haunting about it.  Sort of a howl at the moon quality.  I love the colours, too.  I’m looking forward to more of your stunning animal work.

Anita, Ontario
          I am, excuse the expression, blown away by the lovely pieces of art I see on your website!

Jody, Kentucky USA
          I received my print of Picnic in the Pines, and am more than pleased.  It is wonderful!  When I took it to my local framing shop, two customers in the store thought the print was a photograph.  Both asked for your website.  The print will be the perfect Christmas gift for my husband.  Thank you for your beautiful art.

Bobbi-Lee, Ontario
          I was searching the Internet for family information, and searched Leander Gole, who is my great great grandfather.  I just thought I would email you to tell you what an amazing job you had done.  The painting is exactly how I remember him and looks exactly like him.  It’s like a carbon copy but on canvas!  Words can’t express how great a job you did!

Betty, New Brunswick
          Your paintings are lovely – so delicate.  Your Yellow Lady’s Slipper suits to a tee a current need I have for it.

          I came across your website just by chance while exploring artists in the K-W area.  I was amazed at your work!  It was beautiful and inspiring!

Suzana, Serbia
          I have just come across your site, and must say I was stunned by your beautiful paintings of horses.  Gorgeous work!!!

Asha, USA
          I came across your painting, Meadowside Mirror, and it fits exactly what I’m looking for.

Mike, West Virginia USA
          I am a native West Virginia, and what you offer of the Glade Creek Grist Mill is something that takes my breath away!

Clint, Texas, USA
          Spirit Island has such great sentimental value for me personally, due to the serenity this scene brought my mother in her final days.  Thank you again for your efforts in getting this to me, as well as your great artistry in capturing its spirituality.