Meadowside Mirror – Original 24×18 (Framed)


24″ x 18″

Riverside oil painting, fall foliage



The riverside mirror in the oil painting reflects the fall foliage along its banks, bringing the autumn woods on the far shore close to you. The meadow on the right-hand side leads perhaps to farm fields, perhaps a homestead, perhaps a winding country road.

Foreground weeds by the riverside in the oil painting doubtless remind you of other rivers you have walked beside as you trekked to capture fall foliage on film.

The blues of the mountains seem to push the sunny colours of the fall foliage forward, presenting them in all of their loveliness. However, different species of trees turn colour at different times, at their own pace.

In this oil painting, the riverside mirror glides through the countryside, rejoicing in the fall foliage pinned to its breast ~ whether gold, bronze, crimson…or summer’s green.

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Oil on Canvas