Moon Gate – Original 21×14 Watercolour (Framed)


21″ x 14″ Original

Watercolour painting of gateway arch in Bermuda



One afternoon while exploring the picturesque countryside of Bermuda, my husband and I came upon the fern-crested gateway arch you see in this watercolour painting. Stepping through to view it from the other side, we were halted by the clippity-clop of approaching horses. Framed by the limestone gateway arch, a horse-drawn carriage passed, taking guests from a nearby resort on a sight-seeing tour of Bermuda.

It is the custom on Bermuda for a bridegroom to carry his bride through a stone gateway arch on their wedding day. Gateway arches as depicted in this watercolour painting are called moon gates by the people of Bermuda. When meeting someone for the first time on Bermuda, the question isn’t “Where are you from?” but…”How many times have you been here?” When we asked that question, the reply was “Thirty-seven times.” Little wonder! So much beauty!

Tropical vegetation, which you see hanging from the limestone rocks at the side of the narrow, winding roadway in this watercolour painting, abounds. Oleander bushes and bougainvillaea splash their colours everywhere against white-roofed, pastel houses. The roads wind up hill and dale, and each turn brings an awesome view of the turquoise-edged blue sea with sailboats gliding by, palm trees and tall Norfolk pines swaying in the island breeze.

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Framed, Watercolour