Oxford’s Welcome – Original 21×14 Watercolour (Framed)


Watercolour painting of Bermuda gateway



Made of the highly prized cedar of Bermuda, the gateway to “Oxford” in this watercolour painting speaks a fancied welcome to you:

Open me! Do! Walk upon the sprawling lawns! Enjoy Oxford’s flowering hedges and its songbirds!

Latch the gate behind you. Peer around the bend. There’s the white-roofed manor house overlooking the Caribbean!

You might hear something like this:

“High tea will be served by the seaside at four! ”

The gracious hostess serves featherweight scones with tropical preserves and whipped cream, along with hot tea in bone china cups and saucers!

“Blessed appetite!”

(While on a Christmas vacation in Bermuda, my husband and I photographed many such beckoning gateways.)

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