Blue and Gold – Original 18×18 Watercolour (Framed)


18″ x 18″

Original Watercolour (framed)

Watercolour of a blue jay eating cob of corn



The screech of the blue jay seems inseparably linked with mellow autumn days, coloured maples, fields of whitened corn, and chilli sauce simmering on the back of the stove!

In the watercolour painting, the jaunty blue jay is finishing off a kernel of dry corn.

When we had a house trailer, we looked forward to watching the antics of the blue jay. After getting everything set up on the campsite, we placed peanuts-in-the-shell on the windshield wipers of the truck. It wasn’t long before the blue jay swooped in for the booty! Cracked corn would have been just as tempting.

Although the screech is the most familiar blue jay call, their springtime song is altogether different, and fun to watch in its execution. The blue jay bobs up and down on the branch as he makes a flute-toned tweedle-dum song, delightful to ear and eye!

One time after a heavy rain, we saw what looked like a very large bird in a tree at the edge of the forest behind our home. At first, I thought it might be a wild turkey. It turned out to be a blue jay, sitting with one wing stretched away out, drying off in the sun!

Regardless of what your favourite colour is, doesn’t your heart skip a beat whenever a blue jay flashes by?

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