Trilliums – 8×10 Oil on Canvas Print (Stretcher Frame)


8″ x 10″ Framed Print (Right panel of 3-panel Tryptic: Woodland Wildflowers)

Discover a Wake-Robin among a patch of white trilliums!



“You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all” does not apply to Trilliums.  There’s no ho-hum about Ontario’s floral emblem!  Each spring, the Trilliums call us back into the woodlands to peer into their faces of unparalleled purity.

Spying the crimson frock of the Trillium’s regal cousin, Wake-Robin always quickens one’s heartbeat!  Unfortunately, its flowers, pollinated by flies, exude an unpleasant odour.

Did you see what the Wild Ginger’s carpet of hearts is hiding?  A jug-like crimson flower snuggled at the base of woolly stems!

Wild Ginger’s roots have a pleasing, ginger-like aroma, and can be used as a spice. 

Moist, shaded sites with humus-rich soil will enable Wild Ginger to thrive in your shade garden . . . secret jugs and all!

(Right panel of 3-panel Tryptic: Woodland Wildflowers)

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