Woodland Wildflowers Triptych – 3 Panels 8×10 Oil on Canvas Print


3 Panels: 8″ x 10″ Prints

Experience time-stopping joy as you come upon the woodland wildflowers at the base of an old beechnut tree!



The happiest experiences of my childhood are captured in the three canvases! Each spring, my mother took me and my four siblings on excursions into the woods adjacent to our farm to discover wildflowers.

“Over here!” one would cry who had just found a clump of powder-pink mayflowers! 

“Hey! Over here!” cried another who spied a patch of purple violets!

Mom taught us the names of the trees and helped us recognize the birds by their song, their nest and eggs.

Of course, we never headed for home until we managed to dig out some wild leeks from the black earth, using a sharp stick. They were delicious with a slice of bread and butter!

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