Magnolias – 24×19 Watercolour Print (Framed)


24″ x 19″ Print (Framed)

Watercolour painting of flowers of magnolia trees



Contrasting the rugged granite gate posts at the entrance to a former neighbouring home on McDougall Road, Waterloo, the flowers of the magnolia tree lavished their beauty on each passerby. The large size of the flowers simply dazzle one’s senses, proclaiming exuberantly, as only magnolia trees can, that springtime’s rejuvenating transformation has begun!!

In winter, the shapely branches of the magnolia tree add refinement to any landscape.The buds and blossoms depicted in the watercolour painting open quickly, all too quickly on warm spring days.

May the flowers in this watercolour painting bless your home with petals of gentleness.

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Framed, Watercolour



Limited Edition


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