Indian Harbour – Original 36×24 Oil on Board (Framed)


36″ x 24″

A seascape oil painting of Nova Scotia’s fishing shanties with a wooden fishing boat pulled up on shore



A petal on shore. That is how I saw the old fishing boat in the foreground.

Don’t you love the weathered sheds, the seagulls, seaweed awash in blue water, and the nets hung out to dry?

Indian Harbour is not far from Peggy’s Cove, which has been the subject of many a seascape oil painting. Many homemade fishing boats have plied her waters.

Did the nets drying in the background bring in cod perchance? or halibut? How we inlanders enjoy a plate of good fish and chips! No doubt the sturdy fishing boat in this seascape was made nearby and has helped fetch a livelihood for some courageous fisherman’s family.

All is peaceful in this seascape oil painting. Waves, wind, and fog forgotten!

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Oil on Canvas


36" x 24"