Island Solitude

Island_Solitude400Oil painting typical of the Thirty Thousand Islands near Parry Sound

Limited Edition: 75

Rocks and pine, sun and silence…

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My husband and I photographed material for this oil painting near Parry Sound while on a cruise of the Thirty Thousand Islands. Granite rocks in light beiges, salmon, and greys edged a lot of the islands. Tiny plants and blueberries grew in their crevices. Gigantic pine trees seemed anchored in their toes.. some leaning out like living lighthouses, marking the corners and shoals.And what’s beyond the bend?Rocks and pine, sun and silence…One never tires of either, as many islands are passed and many photographs taken for future oil paintings, and all the while the sun extracted the invigorating scent of pine from needles fallen on the rocks. Names were given of the most expensive homes and boathouses on the islands, and bits of history dispensed.

May the oil painting wrap you ’round as you think of its pine-scented air and sense its northern solitude.

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Original Painting (framed) 12×16


Canvas Print (unframed) 12×16


Paper Print (unframed) 12×16