Gros Morne

Gros_MorneTable-top cliffs rim fresh-water fjords

(First in a series of 5 Newfoundland paintings)
Limited Edition: 75

A three-kilometre trek on boardwalks through marshy peat bogs and gravel trails over hill and dale brings you to the inland dock of Western Brook Pond.

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It is a glacially-carved, freshwater fiord rimmed with six hundred-metre cliffs, table topped – flat on top rather than peaked.

It was mid-June of 2009 when we visited, springtime in the Maritimes! Trees adorning the craggy slopes had just leafed out in their fresh, lime-green frocks! Melting snow in the gullies spawned numerous waterfalls, many of which are named, although some names are unprintable here!

Gros Morne is the second largest national park in Atlantic Canada, totalling some 697 square miles of unspoiled grandeur, and attracts about 120,000 visitors each year.

As you view the painting, I hope you feel as I do that Gros Morne is truly a magnificent place!

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Canvas Print (unframed) 20×16



Paper Print (unframed) 20×16