Fireside Tea Party

Fireside-Tea-Party-LARGE400protectedWatercolour painting of child’s fireside tea party with her Sheltie

Limited Edition: 450

“Have a cup of tea, Heidi,” coaxes the tiny hostess.

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As you peep into the room. . . can you hear the crackles and pops from the hearth? Can you feel its dry warmth? Can you smell the fragrant applewood? Does the sunlight bless you, too, as it pushes through the snowy windowpanes, splashing its joy-beams around?

From the time Heidi was eight weeks old, our son tucked her into his jacket when he went grocery shopping. Check-out girls melted at the sight of her fuzzy head poking out of his partially-zipped coat.

When Heidi grew older and had acquired canine etiquette, he took her on regular hospital visits. Heidi brought a smile to many lonely patients as she offered them her paw, and then jumped up beside them so they could stroke her silky fur. Conversation flowed from lips that seldom spoke.

Is it any wonder our little granddaughter included sociable Heidi in her fireside tea party?

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Original Painting (framed) 22×14


Paper Print (unframed) 22×14