Golden Reflections

Golden Reflections

Yellow roses reflected in the basin of old stone birdbath – Watercolour

Limited Edition: 75

Stepping out of the front door one June morning, I noticed something wondrous! Mirrored in the birdbath were the yellow roses blooming on the far side of it!

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The roses never complain when blue jays or robins sprinkle their leaves with water as they splash about exuberantly on hot days.

Their favourite songbird is the yellow and black goldfinch which comes to the rose bed to help them. The goldfinch’s sharp little eyes see any tiny aphids that are sticking onto the stems of the rosebuds, and they make a meal of the juicy insects. Aphids sap the buds of much-needed energy and nutrition, and if left unchecked, their nasty work can result in a twisted bloom, robbed of its potential grace and beauty of form.

As winter approaches, we must put the roses to bed. My husband and I will slip a mesh collar around each bush and stuff the collar with leaves. The leaves will act as insulation, protecting the bushes from the ravages of winter’s cold, and shield them from fluctuations in temperature.

Next April, the “covers” will be pulled off. The sun will waken the roses once more. They will push out buds, and prepare to bless their sheltered world with bouquets of joy . . . and Golden Reflections! Each fiery-hearted David Austin rose in the painting once bloomed in this rose bed.

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Original painting (unframed) 24″ x 18″


Print (unframed) 24″ x 18″


Print (unframed) 12″ x 9″