A Chipmunk’s Abode

It was time for Sparkle’s walk.

We drove to the Lookout over the Grand River located at the dead-end of Wilson Avenue in Kitchener, some 10 minutes from our home.

Meandering through the Homer Watson woods, Lloyd’s curiosity was aroused by a hollow at the base of two conjoined trees.  We went over and observed a hole in the bottom of the hollow.

In a moment or two, now some 15 feet further along, he cried:

“Look over there! A chipmunk just popped out of that hole!”

She stood still for the longest while— uncharacteristic, as you know, of these tiny high-tailers.

You have probably seen the chipmunk in the middle panel of my triptych painting titled Woodland Wildflowers as well as the original portrait of a chipmunk, Picnic in the Pines. A beloved chipmunk, Mrs. Twigadoon, is the main character in my bedtime story, available on Amazon in both English and French.

It was delightful to come upon snowy-white trilliums sparkling here and there throughout the woodlands.

Yellow violets were also plentiful.

As one climbs the short knoll to Lookout, you actually walk through the chipmunk’s pantry . . . acorns dot the pathways.