Highland Horns

Highland HornsAcrylic painting of bighorn sheep on winter slopes

Limited Edition: 450

The bighorn sheep in this wildlife painting roam the western mountainous regions of North America.

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In winter, they come down from the highlands, seeking southerly exposed slopes in the valleys where grasses are easier to get at.

Head-butting duels break out among the bighorn sheep any time of the year. The sound of skulls crashing together as rams charge at full speed can be heard for miles!

While wintering in the valleys, the bighorn sheep depend upon their super keen senses of sight, hearing, and smell to protect themselves from wolves, bears, members of the big cat families, and other wildlife. They can spot objects as far away as five miles, and can run at speeds up to 35 miles an hour. Their split hooves, seen on the back sheep in the painting, are sharp on the outer edges and spongy in the middle, enabling them to pinch and hold onto rocks.

Lambs are born toward the end of winter. When just two weeks old, sticking close to their mothers, they climb back with the flock to the highlands where predators are fewer in number.

The mighty horns of this sheep grow larger each year, and are their main weapon. Ewes fend off eagles with their horns whenever they attempt to prey on the lambs.

Thinking on all of the wildlife in North America, are there any weapons as gorgeous as those wielded by the bighorn in this painting?

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Paper Print (unframed) 18×15