Dall of the Yukon

Dall_of_the_Yukon400Dall sheep lifts his voice!

Limited Edition: 450

Moonbeams wrap the prince of the slopes in silver as his call echoes through the stillness of the Yukon.

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Smallest of the wild sheep in North America, the dall sheep in this oil painting is found in the mountainous regions of the Yukon and in much of Alaska. The hollow hair in the furry coat of the dall sheep keep him warm. Predators are bears, golden eagles, wolves…and humans. As a herbivore, the dall sheep eats grass, leaves, herbs, twigs, shoots, and lichens, and regurgitates his food, chewing it thoroughly later.It may be difficult to gauge his size in this oil painting, but dall sheep are three feet tall at the shoulder. Their horns do not drop off, but grow throughout their liftetime, which is about 15 years.Most of the year, they gather in segregated herds: all rams, or ewes with their lambs.

I hope this silver and blue oil painting of the dall sheep of the Yukon adds a sterling sheen to your home!

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Original Painting (framed) 18×24


Canvas Print (unframed) 18×24


Paper Print (unframed) 18×24


Canvas Print (unframed) 14×18


Paper Print (unframed) 14×18