Splashing Thru The Crags


Springtime waterfalls in the craggy tabletop mountains

(Second in series of 5 Newfoundland paintings)

Limited Edition: 75

Aided by a telephoto lens, I was able to capture this tumbling snow-fed waterfalls splashing thru the crags of Gros Morne, Newfoundland.

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My paint brushes did not agree that woodland caribou and songbirds should be the only ones to enjoy its invigorating beauty. Pockets of snow higher up in the cliffs spawn springtime waterfalls throughout Gros Morne . . . until they melt away with summer’s warmth.

Aspen, tamarack and spruce thrive in niches of the rock, and provide canopy for over 200 species of birds. Check them out:

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Canvas Print (unframed) 20×16


Paper Print (unframed) 20×16