Port Sydney Point

Port_Sydney_Point400Watercolour painting of narrows in Lake Joseph, Muskoka, near Port Sydney.

Limited Edition: 75

Listening to water lapping the shore of the lake, I did this watercolour painting of Muskoka on an idyllic August day.

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Small boats came and went from the tiny dock ~ some vanishing through the narrows to their cottages across the lake.

The air was clear, scented by dry pine needles. Mid-afternoon, it became celestial! ~ as the bells in the church steeple pealed out two well-loved hymns!

Trees in every stage of their lives are attractive to the eye. The old birch in the watercolour painting leans over the lake as if to wave you through the narrows to explore the rest of the lake. Such scenes are typical of the beauty of Muskoka.

A few days before doing this watercolour painting, my husband and I enjoyed a cooked-from-scratch lunch at Port Sydney’s Country Kitchen. The twinkle of pride in the eyes of the silver haired waitress as she described the soup-of-the-day was as charming as the peal of the bells!

Is it any wonder that so many folks from busy Toronto endure the two-hour drive to get to Muskoka?

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Original Painting (framed) 11×8


Paper Print (unframed) 11×8