Heading Home

headingHome-400Bearded gent in motor boat

Limited Edition: 75

A gentle sea breeze ripples the snowy beard of the photographer, long a lover of salt air, sea gulls, and the slap-slosh of the waves.

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In order to avoid berth fees beyond his means, he drives the wooden motor boat toward his “anchor out” in the middle of a bay north of a large, noisy metropolis.

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Original Painting (framed) 24×36


[wpecpp name=”Original Painting (framed) 24×36 ID #10503-ORIG” price=”2400″ align=”center”]

Canvas Print (unframed) 24×36


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Paper Print (unframed) 24×36


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Canvas Print (unframed) 16×24


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Paper Print (unframed) 16×24


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Canvas Print (unframed) 12×18


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Paper Print (unframed) 12×18


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