Morning Moment

Morning_Moment400Shafts of sunlight poke through trees

Limited Edition: 450

During an early morning walk, I came upon this pond at just the right moment.

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Gauzy fingers of the morning sun were poking through the woods to touch the pond .  I hope their glory-beams warm your heart!

(Corner of Keatsway and McDougall Road, Waterloo, Ontario)
(map here)

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Original Painting (framed) 36×24


[wpecpp name=”Original Painting (framed) 36×24 ID #10406-ORIG” price=”6600″ align=”center”]

Canvas Print (unframed) 36×24


[wpecpp name=”Canvas Print (unframed) 36×24 #406-CANVAS-36×24″ price=”325″ align=”center”]

Paper Print (unframed) 36×24 


[wpecpp name=”Paper Print (unframed) 36×24 #406-PAPER-36×24″ price=”325″ align=”center”]

Canvas Print (unframed) 24×16


[wpecpp name=”Canvas Print (unframed) 24×16 #406-CANVAS-24×16″ price=”220″ align=”center”]

Paper Print (unframed) 24×16


[wpecpp name=”Paper Print (unframed) 24×16 #406-PAPER-24×16″ price=”220″ align=”center”]

Canvas Print (unframed) 18×12


[wpecpp name=”Canvas Print (unframed) 18×12 #406-CANVAS-18×12″ price=”175″ align=”center”]

Paper Print (unframed) 18×12


[wpecpp name=”Paper Print (unframed) 18×12 #406-PAPER-18×12″ price=”175″ align=”center”]