Moon Gate

Moon_Gate400One of Bermuda’s quaint stone gateways

Limited Edition: 75

One afternoon while exploring the picturesque countryside of Bermuda, my husband and I came upon this fern-crested arch.

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Stepping through to view it from the other side, we were halted by the clippity-clop of approaching horses. Framed by the limestone arch, a horse-drawn carriage passed, taking guests from a nearby resort on a sight-seeing tour.

It is the custom on Bermuda for a bridegroom to carry his bride through such a”moon gate” on their wedding day.

When meeting someone on Bermuda for the first time , the question isn’t “Where are you from?” but…”How many times have you been to Bermuda?” When we first asked that question, the reply was “Thirty-seven.”  Little wonder! So much beauty!

Tropical vegetation hangs from limestone rocks at the side of the narrow, winding roads. Oleander and bougainvilea splash colour everywhere against white-roofed, pastel houses.   Roads wind up hill and dale.  Each turn brings an awesome view of the turquoise-edged sea bordered by  swaying palms and Norfolk pines.  Sailboats glide by .

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Original Painting (framed) 21×14



Paper Print (unframed) 21×14