Waiting-Milk_can400Oil painting of milk can and lid abandoned in the winter snow.

Limited Edition: 450

Once a vessel necessary to the daily functioning of every farm in Ontario, the milk can in this oil painting waits….

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forgotten in the winter snow. The milk can waits for someone to appreciate its rustic charm. Waits for someone to place it lovingly in their hallway….stuffed with walking canes….or cattails from the marsh.

The oil painting evokes memories of rural yesteryear when farmers milked by hand and kept their milk in these metal cans. In summer, the milk can was placed in a watering trough to keep it cool. Winter solved such problems.

When farmers produced more than one can of milk, they were hauled out to the road by means of a wagon in summer and a sled in winter.

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Original Painting (unframed) 10×12


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Canvas Print (unframed) 10×12


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Paper Print (unframed) 10×12


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