The Old Sentinel

The_Old_Sentinel-400Bake apples bloom by the path guarded by an ancient old pine

Limited Edition: 75

I tried a new wrinkle with this painting.

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Each week’s progress was photographed, blogged about in a whimsical fashion, and tweeted.

Spring had come and gone in Ontario before we left in mid-June one year for a maritime excursion, but it had just gotten underway in Newfoundland, giving us a second springtime!

Having enjoyed homemade bakeapple jam on our toast at a B&B, we were delighted to see the bakeapples blooming in their natural habitat. Low-growing, they were wildflowers that we had not seen before.

Why I didn’t pick a blossom and sniff it is beyond me! I’ve been told that its scent is indescribably beautiful. The prominent stamens would soon produce an orange fruit similar in shape to a raspberry, and somewhat like an apricot in taste.

Deciduous trees were wearing their fresh, lime-green frocks of spring.

The Old Sentinel had witnessed many a springtime during his long years, had watched the bakeapple fruit being gathered, and heard the delighted exclamations of travellers as they rested on the rock, enjoying the peaceful vista of Norris Point below them.

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Original Painting (unframed) 36×24


Canvas Print (unframed) 36×24


Paper Print (unframed) 36×24


Canvas Print (unframed) 24×16


Paper Print (unframed) 24×16


Canvas Print (unframed) 18×12


Paper Print (unframed) 18×12