Springtime on the Sogne Fjord

Springtime_On_Sogne_Fjord400Apple blossoms scent the Sogne Fjord

Limited Edition: 450

The longest fjord in Norway, Sogne Fjord cuts halfway across its southern agricultural lands.

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The apple-blossomed valleys in the painting attract tourists in the springtime like bees, especially the British.

An elderly friend shared this springtime scene by postcard during one of her many visits to Norway, her Viking homeland. She was delighted when I began painting herNorway.

Often when I returned in the afternoon to continue working, I would find a little note of encouragement stuck under the painting, written by Eugenie on a piece she tore off my roll of paper towel.

One day she came downstairs and suggested in her gravelly voice that if I put a little church on the other shore, “it would be just about perfect!”

May these springtime blossoms bless your home . . . wherever it is!

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Original Painting (framed) 24×16


Canvas Print (unframed) 24×16


Paper Print (unframed) 24×16