Golden_Years400A riveting movie was made about this Triple Crown winner

Limited Edition: 450

Secretariat was born in March, 1970, in Meadow Stables, Virginia, of the following lineage:

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Father: Bold Ruler ~ a short distance runner
Mother: Something Royal ~ a tough mare

An unusually calm horse, Secretariat was impressive of stature, and as intelligent as he was handsome. The stallion’s chest was broad, his coat a soft chestnut colour (as depicted in the oil painting), his legs straight and flawless. As a colt, he loved to lead the other horses when running across the pasture!

1973, at three years of age, Secretariat won the Triple Crown of horse racing. The stamina he was able to maintain during races was unmatched and unbelievable. Upon his death, an autopsy revealed the horse racing champion’s secret: larger than normal lungs!

Valued at $6,000,000 at the conclusion of his 16-month horse-racing career, Secretariat was immediately retired to Claiborne Farm in Kentucky for stud service. There he could graze, run for the sheer joy of running, appearing as casual as you see in the oil painting, his mane all ajumble!

As Secretariat is depicted here ~

the cheers of the crowd are gone
the victories have been won
the golden years have begun!

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