Touch-me-nots (or Jewelweed)

Touch-Me-NotTouch-me-not trumpets  (jewelweed) dangle from thread-like stems

Limited Edition: 75

The creek which cut across the corner of my childhood farm was an enchanting place to play.  In early summer, touch-me-nots (jewelweed) sprang up along its banks.

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The watery stems of the wildflowers grew so rapidly that in no time at all they were three feet high, festooned with orange trumpets. As you can see in the watercolor painting, the spotted trumpets, an inch long, dangle from thread-like stems.

Equalling the wonder of how such exquisitely formed trumpets can unfold from the end of a thread…is the wonder of how delicate wildflowers can activate such powerful “canons.” Triggered by the slightest touch, the narrow strips forming the seed pod roll up with lightning speed, expelling seeds like bullets!!

Blooming in late summer, the orange wildflowers depicted in the watercolor painting provide a source of “fuel” for hummingbirds migrating southward.

Jewelweed provides a natural relief for a rash from poison ivy, poison oak, or stinging nettle.  Simply slice the stem, then rub its juicy inside on exposed parts.  It usually prevents breakout in most people.

For later use:  Brew chopped jewelweed in boiling water until you get a dark orange liquid.  Strain the liquid and pour into ice cube trays.  You will be amazed with its healing properties.  It will keep in freezer up to a year.

One summer, the halfway point of my morning walks was a tiny creek along whose banks grew touch-me-nots, and….as I did when a child….I triggered the seed pods!

Although you can’t explode the seed pods in the watercolor painting, I hope their graceful forms will enhance some nook in your home.

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Original painting (framed) Touch-m e-nots (Jewelweed) 8×10


Print (unframed) Touch-me-nots (Jewelweed) 8×10