Sir Wilfrid Laurier Climbing Roses

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Cluster of roses that bloom by our back door

Limited Edition: 450

Yes, the official name of these climbing roses is none other than . . . .

Sir Wilfrid Laurier!

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Born and educated in Quebec, the statesman, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, became known as “the great conciliator.”  Sir Wilfrid Laurier had the gift of developing an approach to relations between the English and the French characterized by compromise and calm.  A lawyer, and member of the Liberal Party, he became Prime Minister of Canada in 1896, and accomplished much during his 15-year tenure.  He stated that “The twentieth century belongs to Canada.”

Blooming frequently by our back door during the summer, these climbing roses exert the same calming influence as did their namesake.  A prominent university in our twin city of Waterloo also bears Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s name.

Toward autumn, the climbing roses take on more vibrant tones, as shown in this watercolour painting.

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Original painting (unframed) 12×18


Left Oval Print Sir Wilfrid Laurier Clmbing Roses  (unframed) 12×18


Left Rect. print Sir Wilfrid Laurier Climbing Roses 12×18


Right Oval print Sir Wilfrid Laurier Climbing Roses 12×18