Sheltering Wings – 30×24 Print – Oil on Canvas – Framed


30″ x 24″ Print – Framed

Mother loon and baby



The peace one senses upon rising early and looking out at a mist-shrouded lake, or hearing the flute-like, haunting cry of the loon, is what brings vacationers back to the northland time and again.

Loons nest on the ground like ducks, but only lay 2 eggs.

When baby loons are just a few hours old, they know instinctively who their parents are, how to follow them, how to swim, how to beg for food, what to do when they hear their parent make a warning call, and how to climb up on their parent’s back when they get tired or cold. For several days, baby loons swim only for short periods and then climb back up on their parent’s back. The wing that covers them protects them from wind and cold.

May Sheltering Wings bring the awesome peace of the northland into your home or office!

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Oil on Canvas Print


30" x 24"

Limited Edition


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