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Sea Breeze

Cold-cast bronze
ID SO111-B

Sea Breeze - Cold-cast marble

Cold-cast marble
ID SO111-M

Sea Breeze

Cold-cast bronze or marble

H - 20-3/4"
W - 18-3/4"
D - 4-1/2"

As the morning sun rises over a world of surf and sand, the cry of the gulls and the roar of distant breakers are mixed with a more rhythmic sound.

Suddenly, a majestic creature comes into view, moving with the grace of a unicorn, churning the shallow water into a million diamonds!

It’s not a wild horse, for its bridle bespeaks a master he is happy to serve.  But not right now.

For one golden hour, he will be free as the sea breeze that flows through his majestic mane!

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Seabreeze - Marble
Cold-cast bronze


Sea Breeze - Marble


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