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Right view of Busker of Elora.  Click to enlarge.
Dry Stone
40cm H x 22cm W x 13 cm D

15.5" H x 8.5" W x 7" D

Busker of Elora

Street singer, Village of Elora

The sun shone brightly on the "happy wanderers" meandering about Elora.The singing of busker, David Wilcox, and the sweet notes of his guitar brought magic to the streets of the quaint village! Rollicking Irish airs, plaintive ballads, tender love after another....charmed the passersby. Stresses they shouldered throughout the work-week melted away.David put his guitar down, leaned back, with eyes partly closed, and began his final rendition. His voice came softly, and he seemed oblivious to the crowd around him.It ended as quietly as it had begun.The busker moved on.
The moment was gone....lost in time....preserved in clay.


Left view of Busker of Elora.  Click to enlarge.

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Busker of Elora.




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