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Lloyd preparing a mould for "Little Love," the Dachshund.
Lloyd preparing a mould for "Little Love," the Dachshund.

Lloyd John McDonald

      Lloyd's gift in three-dimensional work manifested itself early in boyhood years spent in Woodstock, Ontario.
     As time passed, Lloyd sought to capture subjects in motion, such as war-whooping Indians and metal-pounding blacksmiths!
     Beginning in wood, Lloyd later studied soapstone sculpting under Italian master G. Fusari of Waterloo.
     The works and writings of Maryland sculptor Daisy Grubbs enabled Lloyd to create busts in clay.
     For Lloyd, the search never ends for "that face" whose wrinkles reveal a life of indomitable courage, faith, endurance.
     Lloyd is now working in Plasteline, which lends itself to intricate detail.
     Reproductions of Lloyd's work are available in a variety of mediums, and will add prestige to your home or executive suite.

      Lloyd is represented by Studio 1291 in Cambridge.

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