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Erica holds a Master’s degree in Education, English-as-a Second Language, and taught 23 years in Toronto before taking an early retirement in order to travel and engage in volunteer teaching overseas. She is now retired and lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


Six Sugar Beets - Five Bitter Years, by Erica Jantzen

Six Sugar Beets, Five Bitter Years

Published in 2003, Six Sugar Beets, Five Bitter Years recounts the story of Erica's aunt, a woman who survived in the Stalin Gulag and remained in Kyrgyzstan.

Sheer Survival: From Brazil to Kyrgyzstan, by Erica Jantzen

Sheer Survival: From Brazil to Kyrgyzstan

In her second book, published in 2007, Erica Jantzen writes about her childhood in Brazil, her move to Germany and to Canada. Besides everyday life experiences, she describes remarkable people and places she encountered while teaching in Canada and other countries - England, Somalia, Malaysia, China and Kyrgyzstan. Fascinated with Kyrgyzstan, her parents’ homeland, she includes their experiences as well as her own encounters in that country.


Both books can be purchased from the author . The price for each of the books is $25 (including shipping) for orders in Canada.

For USA orders, US $28 (including shipping) 

Both books can also be obtained from Pandora Press -

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