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Broken Bricks

Inspiring book of poetry and prose about farm life (read samples below)

Broken Bricks was illustrated by Robert J. Tremaine, Hamilton, Ontario

Living on the same farm since boyhood days, Gordon Tayler shares many common incidents of yesteryear by means of inspiring poetry and prose. Most incidents occurred on that acreage so dear to his heart in Oxford County, just outside of Woodstock, Ontario.

Older folks will chuckle as they relive some of their own farm experiences while reading Gordon's inspiring poetry and prose. Young ones will become acquainted with an era where children were an integral part of progress on the farm, relied upon to be dependable and responsible.

Whether in poetry or prose, Gordon's gentle humour and sensitivity to others....and to his Maker....provides inspiring reading.

Before a bit of Gordon's poetry or prose. Your rest will be sweeter!


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(Sample poem)

Cool Evening



At bedtime, in the days gone by,
When winds were pushing at the door,
When snow was hurrying through the sky,
And drafts were sneaking 'cross the floor.

And when goodnights and prayers were said,
And ere the stove was banked for night,
Then I'd be hustled off to bed,
To snuggle down and switch the light.

And I would turn upon my face
Till all the quilts behind were slack;
Then, when I'd roll back into place,
Those quilts were snug behind my back.

But, Father, when the shadows come,
The shades of things that might have been,
The chill of wrongs which I have done,
The aches and year that I have seen;

Be pleased to make thy Word be real,
And bring Thy promises to mind,
And may the warmth of Truth I feel,
Be like a blanket tucked behind.

Broken Bricks | Inspiring book of farm life in poetry and prose


(Another sample poem)

The Chap I Used To Know

I'm shopping in the town, you see,
Where cars and people hurry so,
When right across the street from me
There goes a chap I used to know!

I feel I ought to stop awhile,
And cross the busy thoroughfare.
I'd like to shake his hand and smile,
And let him know I saw him there.

But shucks! I'm in a hurry now,
And on the wrong side of the street.
Then, too, he doesn't see me anyhow.
Why take the time to only greet?

And I resume my urgent way
With all the rest who hurry so.
And since I didn't speak today,
He's still....the chap I used to know.

H. Gordon Tayler

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