Peeping Through

Two days ago, Lloyd and I sat on the back deck licking ice cream cones.  The ice had melted from the edges of the pond, and the thin layer in the middle grew a bit thinner as the sun warmed our shoulders.  It was only March 9th!  Unheard of!

A pink knob of rhubarb took her first gulp of spring air today.


Delphiniums planted from seed last spring near the wall by the sidewalk garden are eager to get going.  They’re determined to beat last year’s production of tall flower stocks.


Before Mrs. Coon gets too busy with spring house cleaning, we hope to catch her in the wire cage I took out of the upper shed this afternoon.  It seems she evicted the skunk, and hung up her own shingle above the hole dug under the front corner of the shed.  As soon as we can relocate her, we’ll fill the cavern with rocks.  Hopefully Mr. Skunk will realize he’s not welcome at Cedar Hollow.  Sorry, old chap.

Production of a Music Video 

Jessica, a Conestoga College student in Television Broadcast and Film, contacted us to see if she could borrow our studio to produce a music video.

That very morning, I had begun calculating the expenses McDonald Art occurred during the past year, and realized that having no figures to enter in the Advertising line of our income tax form wasn’t great.  In her appeal to local artists, Jessica stressed that whoever could loan their studio for her filming work would be given credits, she would include photos of their art.  With her production going on YouTube, that would mean free advertising!  Why not go for it?

Jessica arrived at ten this morning, and began hauling in equipment and props, assisted by Tanya, her mother.  Shortly after, Brandon, an actor from Toronto, arrived with his costume changes.  The story is woven around a struggling artist, who became dissatisfied with his work, but eventually found meaning and purpose.


The title of the six-minute production will be, “The Son and His People,” with original music by Danielle Robert of Toronto.


I had made a large pot of Cheeseburger Soup a few days ago, so Lloyd and I insisted they stay for lunch and share it with us.  We couldn’t have asked for more polite young people to have in our home, and thoroughly enjoyed our conversations with Tanya, Jessica’s attractive mother.

Tanya was drawn to Lloyd’s sculpture of the black-and-tan coon hound guarding his weary master who sat down in the woods to catch “Forty winks.”  She happens to own a redbone coon hound!  When she was a child, she loved the movie, “Where the red fern grows.”  A redbone coon hound was featured in that story, and she determined that some day, she would own such a dog.  She had to order it from the States.  We admired the beautiful orange-red colour of Daisy’s coat, and could almost feel her silky, floppy ears when Tanya shared her photo.

Jessica has more filming to do in Toronto on Tuesday in order to complete her two-year course by April.  We wish her all the best in this challenging, creative career . . . one that offers the opportunity to influence the world!