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Q.  How long did it take to paint that picture?
    A.  I don’t keep track, but continue working until the result is pleasing. 

Q.  Which medium do you prefer, oil or watercolour?
    A.  I’m most comfortable with oil because I can paint over anything I don’t like, and can mix colours and check them with accuracy. With watercolours, you have to plan out your moves as there is little room to fix or improve things.  Watercolours are definitely quicker, though.

Q.  What material is the sculpture made of?
    A.  Drystone, an extremely hard gypsum material.

Q.  How long have you been painting?
    A.  Forty years.

Q.  Do you sell your work?
    A.  Yes.  We offer secure shopping via PayPal.

Q.  How do you get the time to paint?
    A.  I don’t.  I have to make time to paint, and often have to choose between repetitive housekeeping and painting.

Q.  What are your favourite subjects?
    A.  Anything that is beautiful, anything that moves me.

Q.  Which is your most recent painting? 
   A.  Splashing Thru The Crags.

Q.  What are you currently working on? 
   A.  A series on the Maritimes which we visited in June of 2009.

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