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Ten Little Puffins
Magnets of Newfoundland
Gros Morne
The Old Sentinel
Splashing Thru the Crags


Oil and watercolour Kitchener artist
Eleanor Joy McDonald

Established in 1989, McDonald Art is located
in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

All prices in Canadian dollars


Ebook and paperback available on Amazon

Have you ever wished you could travel to some place TOTALLY different? Let Eleanor take you there--to the Little Dutch Isle of Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands.

Through her transparent writing, find out why the McDonalds and their three young children left an idyllic situation in Canada to live on a semi-desert island 5 x 23 miles long off the coast of Venezuela, South America.

Experience their 11-year journey of perseverance and faith, and the ultimate test of their loyalty.

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